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Yoga Loves Pregnancy / Pregnancy Loves Yoga

Pregnant women are awesome powerful creatures, and I love the prana (energy in yoga speak) that is generated and shared during my 60 minute yoga class.

With studies now showing that exercise during pregnancy is rating higher on the 'to do list' for expectant mums than ever before, this couldn't be a better time to consider a yoga class if you're fortunate to find yourself pregnant.

Practicing yoga during pregnancy enables you to become more in tune with your body; it teaches you how to recognise and address the constant changes and shifts in energy levels, body shape, mobility and hormonal mood changes providing you with a more level headed way to make decisions on how far to push yourself and when to ease off. Not only on your yoga mat but as you go through those 9 months and beyond.

Studies show that on average women that do yoga in pregnancy go on to have easier calmer births and less intervention, this is commonly because they have learnt to use their breath as a tool to reduce their stress and anxiety levels, stay calm and allow the body to do what it needs to do in order to give birth.

If you've ever been 'yoga curious" in the past but been put off by images of dynamic balances and crazy bendy postures, then yoga when pregnant is for you

Beginning yoga when pregnant is beneficial for so many reasons, I'll begin to name a few:

You're growing baby provides you with an instant focus to "go within".

This is the very essence of yoga, and what many yoga practitioners (me included) struggle for many years to achieve in order to centre and quieten the busy, easily distracted mind.

This specifically designed yoga practice has been adapted from the traditional practice in order to gently stretch the pregnant body without straining or jarring any muscles or joints.

Pregnancy yoga is the natural way to remedy the majority of ailments symptomatic to pregnancy. Having had 2 yoga babies myself, I love sharing little tips with the mums to be that come to my classes, things that you won't read in a book and that wont be on your midwives list of information to impart.

The perfect way to meet other mums to be in your area who are going through the same challenges.

Check out to find out more or book a class.


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