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The Halfway point -Summer Solstice June 2023

As the Sun rose this morning and I contemplate the Solstice my thoughts were drawn to what the Solstice actually represents for me. Not only a Pagan Celebration of the Sun's proximity to the earth and the energy it rains down on the earth, it was originally a celebration of the wonderful daylight hours we have to harvest our crops each day.

Coincidentally its also International day of Yoga and as a Yoga teacher this is a very positive thing .Where yoga classes and taster sessions pop up in the most unexpected places for people who might not consider yoga necessary for them. Are invited to give it a try and learn the beginnings of what Yoga is about and how it is for everyone not just the young svelte and flexible.

As I'm very much drawn nowadays to studying the moon phases, the cyclical patterns of nature and how its echoed throughout our lives. I am now seeing the Solstice in a different way.

A halfway point in the year where we can take stock of all we've achieved and experienced this year, the little changes we made with resolutions we set in January and whether any of those good habits have stuck. Turning our back on the struggles of the long dark cold months of Winter and early Spring and looking forward to the remainder of the Summer and the beauty of abundant growth and colorful flowers all around us.

Every time it rains, I smell the damp thirsty earth absorbing the raindrops to feed the plants and crops. I am so grateful for the running water I have at my disposal and our Fridge that keeps my food fresh and cool. Giving thanks for these extra hours of warmth and daylight that give me energy and vitality as life seems more enjoyable and less of a struggle when the Sun is shining.

This Midsummer's day is the turning point, where we give thanks to the gifts of this season and appreciate every day we can leave the house without a jumper or a coat. Drinking in the warmth of the Sun on our faces and the smell of the flowers in bloom.

Slowly beginning to look towards the remainder of the year, hopeful for further sunny days, holidays and stepping off from our daily routine to enjoy downtime with our families and friends, making plans to complete any of those tasks we pledged we would finish in the early throes of New Year Resolution rather than letting them gather dust any longer.


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