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Find the Strength to be Still

Activity addiction is like any other : As it progresses within our life, we look for more and more hits to get the original glow. So, we squeeze another item into our already packed schedule, then another. People ask us to join a committee, and we can't resist. We hear about a new project or conference and we find a way to get on board with it. We add clients and classes. As a result of being so active we pass it down to our children by signing them up to after school activities six days a week. Pretty soon without realising we find ourselves emailing while talking on the phone, reading while you're eating, texting while on the treadmill at the gym or doing Asana practice and helping your child with their homework while watching the news and feeding the dog. STOP, stand or sit totally still for 1 full minute…First say to yourself, “I have all the time in the world” Then, bring to mind the image of the Buddha in meditation. Hold this image in your mind while you breathe deeply 5 times. Keep that image in your mind as you continue on your way.

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