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Satya - Truth

I'm trying to introduce small tasters of Yoga Philosophy into my Yoga classes, Currently we are covering the Eight Limbs of Yoga , the 1st of which are the Yamas which are similar to the 10 commandments in Christianity. This week we look at Satya which is the 2nd of the 5 Yamas and it means truth; that being the highest rule for conduct of Morality on a yogic path.

Gandhi said “Truth is God and God is Truth. As a fire burns impurities and refines gold .The fire of truth cleanses the yogi “

When we practice physical yoga postures and find our body temperature rising, we should try and recognise this heat as the fire that cleanses and purifies us.

Taking the focus back to Truth, from an honesty point of view, when we exert our bodies in our physical practice and feel pain it is Satya we should call upon to assess whether a gentler approach might be more beneficial to our joints and muscles and ease off perhaps. We could then remember to try adopting our breath rather than force to go deeper or experience more of the posture instead.

Being honest with yourself is paramount in order to maintain balance in life not only on the mat. Have we done too much? are we trying too hard? do we really want another piece of cake?

This week have a go at adopting truthfulness into your every day life in order to gain greater balance .

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