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A Blue Sky Mindset

As we move into Autumn and our daylight hours lessen, we might notice our mindset and overall well being reduce along with the daylight and temperature.

When we refer to a "beautiful day" we are often referring to a sunny clear day without a cloud in sight to break up the brilliant expanse of blue. We may find ourselves on such days in good spirits and abundant energy, free from worries and enjoying each moment. However when the grey clouds roll in and break up the blue our beautiful day disappears along with our mood.

Notice when you are affected by these changes and recall the brilliant blue sky, picture its expanse and spaciousness knowing that it is still there about the clouds.

When we get on an aeroplane to a warmer climate and rise above the clouds, we see the sun, the spirit lifting blue once again and its as if we've already arrived.

The blue sky is always there, above the clouds and its important we remember that whenever grey clouds move into our day or our mindset, we simply need to lift above, reach a little higher to be amongst it again.

The next time you wake up to a grey day feeling flat and miserable, remember these shades of grey in life are only there for a moment. No matter the weather, the rainfall, fog or frost ,

the clouds will eventually clear, the sun will break through exposing the sky that has been there always and forever a brilliant and beautiful blue.


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