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Seeking out the pause

The theme for my classes this week has been about pausing. As my daughters return to school I find my self after 6 months of almost full time parenting,with a little time to stop, just for a moment.

I am finally aware once again of my breath, the foundation of all yoga, meditation and wellness practices.

When I relax or meditate, I like to seek out the pause in the breath, the place of stillness when the in breath is at its maximum and is turning to release.

That release is amazing to me, its the physical and emotional letting go of everything I'm holding onto. Like a wave crashing onto the beach, dumping sea water, stone, pebbles and sand from across the planet onto the shore. I get to let go of tiredness, frustration, bitterness, tension and stress as I gradually exhale


The pause beforehand is possibly more powerful than this however, like a moment of wide eyed observation, putting your head up above the clouds and becoming aware that the blue sky is still there regardless of whatever storm is raging in your day, life or maybe just in your head.

I've emphasised the pause throughout my classes this week, to help my students notice that stillness along with the release. Being more aware of that letting go, into a posture, deeper and with relaxation as opposed to force and being aware of the wonderful healing nourishing result.

This beautiful image "Pause for Thought" was captured by Photographer Laura at Fern and Essence Branding


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